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  • Royal Mail loses Amazon's £8m second class mailing account:
    • The loss of the account is a blow to Royal Mail, which has cited higher costs as a direct reason for not being able to modernise operations and retain customers
    • Earlier this month, Royal Mail union members voted for industrial action after rejecting the company's 2.5% pay rise offer
  • The percentage of households with digital television rose from 77.3% to 80.5% during the first quarter of 2007 (Ofcom)
    • 20.4m UK households now have digital TV equipment connected to their main television
  • Murdoch's News Corporation is in talks with Yahoo! over selling MySpace for £6.2bn for a 25% stake of the digital giant
  • Nintendo, Pret a Manger and Joost have been identified as the latest wildfire brands that spread rapidly and weave themselves into the fabric of every day life:

    Speaking at the
    the director at Leo Burnett singled out a series of brands that he claims are proving the creative and financial potential of the new media landscape. Dale said that Nintendo had put a bomb under the gaming market with launch of its Wii console, claiming the device has been marketed in such as way that consumers all over the world now want to give it a try.

  • Question: If web design makes the new information age possible—if it creates new markets and new products, generates significant global cash flow, changes the way companies and non-profits interact with the public, and employs untold legions of specialists—why, until now, hasn’t anybody tried to find out more about it as an industry? Read Jeffrey Zeldmans article.

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