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  • Sony Ericsson has launched an interactive outdoor campaign to promote a T-mobile music download service on its W880i Walkman Phone: Specially designed displays by JCDecaux, which involve LCD touch screens, allow the public to choose music, video and product information. The five interactive displays will be located at bus shelters in urban locations UK wide, including two in central London

  • Fifth of ad spend will be online by 2012: Spending on internet advertising in Europe will more than double over the next five years and represent almost a fifth of total media budgets by 2012, according to forecasts from American research group Forrester

  • Search giant Google is being sued by the Australian competition regulator over claims that the paid-for text ads it displays alongside search results are misleading consumers: Google itself is facing what could be a landmark legal case for all websites that use text advertising. The ACCC has accused Google of "misleading and deceptive conduct", claiming the way its pages are designed fail to make a clear distinction between sponsored links and genuine search links

  • Microsoft has clinched the top spot for the second year running in a survey of the UK's most powerful brands, but the company failed to make the top 10 in a separate survey of media and marketing experts: Brand monitoring group Superbrands surveyed 3,000 consumers for its annual rankings, which put Microsoft at number one, followed by Coca-Cola, Google, the BBC, BP, British Airways, Lego, Guinness, Mercedes-Benz and Cadbury. Brands which fell out of the top 10 this year included Porsche, Marks & Spencer, Heinz and Duracell

  • Yahoo launches Smart Ads to further tailor display ads to audiences: an advertising platform that allows marketers to deliver tailored display ads to their audiences. In tests conducted on Yahoo FareChase, SmartAds generally resulted in click-through rates that were two to three times higher than static, non-customized display ads using the same targeting and placement. SmartAds combines Yahoo’s consumer insights and rich media capabilities with new ad serving technology that converts marketers’ creative campaign elements and targeted offerings into customized and relevant display ads

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  • Great feature in this week’s MarketingWeek regarding how digital marketing agencies are beginning to take an increasing share of the marketing budget. It goes on to describe how such digital agencies will become more prominent to a point where the traditional (and very large) marketing agencies will soon become “under serious threat” and “are in a crisis together” and gives a recent eBay pitch won by a digital-focused agency as an example:
    “The continuing battle for supremacy between established advertising agencies and the new breed of digital upstarts rose to the surface last week when online auction site eBay appointed self-professed “integrated agency” Albion to handle its advertising highlights. In this case, eBay rejected the overtures of shops famed for their television ads such as Mother and WCRS in favour of an agency that promises to use the internet as lead medium.”
    There is an argument for and against from commenter’s: some say that digital specialists, although with the technical know-how, don’t have the creative skills of the larger agencies. The last paragraph ends in quite a controversial one:
    “…the online threat and the recruitment crisis facing multinationals is rewriting the rules of the advertising industry. In ten years’ time, the business models of the UK’s top shops are likely to be radically different from today. Many agencies will not survive in their present form.”

Thanks to Anna Sims for the blog section this week!

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