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Google Phone? The writing is on the wall and now people who have been briefed on Google’s phone project have revealed that Google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into it. And yes, it has developed prototype handsets, is currently in talks with operators such as T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, and has talked through technical specifications with phone manufacturers. Consumers can expect a variety of Google phones from multiple manufacturers based on its specs and better yet you may not even have to change carriers because it’s more than likely multiple operators will offer them.

Burgerking gets 'posh': Burger King is launching its ‘Smokey Blue Angus’ burger in the UK with a marketing campaign which positions the product as the 'poshest' burger on the high street. The four-week campaign, which breaks tonight, was created by US advertising agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky and has two TV spots as its centrepiece. The tongue-in-cheek spots, entitled "too posh", aim to show that the fast food chain is making "posh" burgers available to everyone. The Smokey Blue, which consists of Aberdeen Angus beef topped with a blue cheese flavoured mayonnaise, Applewood smoked bacon and tangy steakhouse sauce, is a gourmet follow-up to The Angus, which launched in November last year. In one of the spots a Burger King employee quizzes a smartly dressed customer, to check she is not too posh, before allowing her to buy a Smokey Blue Angus burger. He asks her questions such as, "Do you have any friends called Rupert?" and "Do you make involuntary noises when you laugh?"
The campaign also includes a website, which allows users to be transformed into their posh alter-ego by uploading a photo. You can view the website here.

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