digital evolution

in an age of change, can we tell where we are heading?

the last three centuries there has seen some intense change in human society: economical growth, electonics, the digital age... and this growth overall, at least in my head, has gone its course. by this i mean... i feel that what mankind can achieve - has indefinitaly peaked. from man landing on the moon, computers, mobile phones, microbiology: rate of changed has slowed. now, it's more, 1000 bhp instead of 900 or 16gb sd cards instead of 8. its definately true to say that some 'good will hunting' style genius needs to step up to the plate and create something that will benefit mankind. and i don't except marc zuckerburg as an acceptable candidate to take such a likenes as that of da vinci, or einstein.

i do feel cheated that i missed i trick being part of this generation to that of the one previous: they must of seen it all... and clearly aren't interested when i show them the latest gadget from under the tree.

we are only so clever: limited to the boundries of our minds and bodies.

the pesimist (some may say realist) in me, thinks that we're not making it better. the optimist within me can see that at least people are trying!

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