participating not pitching

the o2 seeding campaign reared its head in july. a concept which although very new to my thoughts at the time seems an obvious extension to the marketing arena. the science behind it is simple:

  • get a cool product
  • give it to influential bloggers to have a play with
  • let them discuss what they think about it
  • end of
- the economist does this in the US;

"In the US we identified the 100 most important political bloggers and we effectively give them content
before it's published in print, so that it builds a buzz around the thing before it's there."


the campaign worked. it created great conversation and buzz about the phone. it also acted like a beta programme - giving customer feedback to o2 on what worked well, what wasn't liked so much, etc. great feedback was given to the phone and the approach, prime examples are:
- some conclusions can be taken out of the analysis, and hopefully future campaigns can build on what has been learnt. or not!
  • it's key to be genuine. this demands an in depth understanding of what you are seeding. get some knowledge about the subject. start talking about it. learn more
  • get in touch. bloggers are about commununicating, 'we' love it. so drop them an emai l or comment on their blogs. keep it genuine and avoid making it skeevy
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