practical, entertaining and creative

there is so much good stuff at the minute. so good that you can't not let someone know about it... for me it's definitely important to pass good stuff on - or i wouldn't be blogging - but how much time do we spend letting others know about the stuff we find? someone should find out. it's a lot.

so here's some of the cool stuff i've seen as of late, for a number of different reasons. practical, entertaining and creative.

rss feeds. personlly i've never been a big fan. i've used a whole range of tools before but seemingly felt that no one had created the perfect answer to giving me the information i wanted to know. but wait - have you heard of 'snackr'... it rocks. here's how it looks on my screen as i'm typing:

if you have a look on the bottom you'll see my rss feed flying along the bottom. GENIUS (and i hate capitals). You simply import your current feed and select the speed you want it to go across the screen at. then you can preview each feed by clicking it and open it in a browser.
you can also get updates from those you are following on twitter - to get the opml feed for you twitter crowd go here, with your username included:[username]/opml

crack unit
if you don't know - get to know. iain tait's posts are definitely up there with the best of them. the man just finds good stuff. head over there and check it out - specifically his trainers post and 'manbabies'

vccp has pulled out another cracker - the know your limits work is stunning and definately makes me think. back to basics, great creative, and to the point. lolly's written about it here, but i'm sure everyone will have there own opinions. mine - love it!

more to come if i have the time.

is a canvas not big enough

...falling off a log if Google have their way