binge - know your limits

firstly wow - i think this is some of the best creative work from vccp since i've been here. it takes a very difficult brief and creates something which really works. as for results, i'm not so sure that we can remove booze from the british culture. it's something which we have embraced and, unfortunately, i don't think those who need to pay attention to the message will. but kudos to the government for attempting to change this.

you can view the viral and tv ads here
the landing page for the campaign is here

I agree that there needs to be action or maybe you believe, as derren brown does, that if you tell someone not to do something enough times - they'll do it - maybe there is a bigger debate here, just how effective is negative marketing?

vccp also invited some really nice people to come and have a look - what i find most interesting about the thought behind the campaign is that everyone has a different view of whats right / wrong and what we should be doing about this problem, i'm in total agreement with lolly -

"binge drinking is disgusting and can result in disgraceful behaviour. In fact, the male and female ads almost made me feel sick! Am I being too squeamish?"

my favourite part of the campaign is the girl tv spot - sick in hair - how many of us have seen that before...?

update: there's also some great debate on sky news
and the landing page is here


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