honda, was it that great?

ok so i've been thinking about the honda 'live' ad. lots of people have had lots to say about it, and there has been lots of buzz about it in the blog world, but the most important question is - why?

why is it good?
  • it's a first... but that's not neccessarily a criteria for making something good.
  • it's different... despite being live, i can watch people jumping out of planes all day. i've done a jump before and even watching skydiving clips makes me want to relive that experience.
  • it is honda... honda has a great advertising past. the power of dreams is an excellent strap - but despite its importance to the brand and ability to unleash a wealth of creative ideas, it is limiting for the product. in many ways it reminds me of the apprentice - the best ad lost because it made no reference to the product. did the gorilla sell chocolate bars? no.
  • the most important thing is that the ad has pushed the boundaries, its outside the box - i hope other agencies will look at this 'live' concept and make more of it.
for those of want to see it again:

a documentary about the making of the ad:

my jump, those were the days:

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