time to travel

for those who know me, you'll be aware that in no less than 18 days i will be on a 13 hour flight to ecuador. why, you might say? well it's the first stop of my years trip to south america. also included on the list of places i'll be forcing my wit upon are: peru, bolivia, brazil, argetina and chile. fear not, as i have decided to put my online attention into my new travel blog. here i'll be writing my deepest thoughts on life, or something of the sorts. it would be great if you could get involved, be it recommending a place to go or a dare for me to do. bring on the challenges.

so for now i will be signing off from digital supposition and signing on to 'stiff socks'. being the crazy digital cat that i am, you can also find me here:

this has been somewhat of a dream of mine for a good few years now and it's finally becoming a reality. after my a-levels i went to australia for 6 months, i loved it, i want more. this time its south america... so thankfully there will be fewer aussies - but there are lots of things to get my head around. in preperation i've undertaken an english teaching course in my spare time, however, my aim to learn spanish has been pushed back through laziness and workload. so no doubt the language barrier will be entertaining. you can find many a scary read about south america, and there's no way to get around it, obviously i'll have to behave, but... if your bus gets hijacked i'm guessing there's little you can do about it.

anyways, i hope you keep in touch - if not only to reaffirm how shit the weather in london is. to keep the ad flame burning i'll be keeping my eye open for silly/entertaining/clever/etc. ads on my travels.

signing off. peace.

wtf is social media

these have kept me happy this past month