facebook questions relaunch

when facebook announced the launch of facebook questions last year commentators were predicting big things. it never really became the big thing that it was expected to be. today, facebook announced that it has launched a revamped version its questions product, making it even easier to quickly gather "the wisdom of friends," rather than the wisdom of the masses.

it was trying to compete with yahoo answers and quora. now it looks to focuse less on categorical knowledge and more on making it quick and easy for users to ask for their friends' opinions.

their new version offers the ability to quickly poll your friends with multiple choice questions, where friends can either quickly choose an answer or add one of their own. Questions are also shared with friends of friends who answer the question, helping you to "cast a wider net."

the good thing. whilst quora is great at showing you everyones opinion on the best cafe in your area. i may disagree. opinion is something that differs among peoples social graphs. the masses might think one thing, my friends might think something completely different - an interesting thought for anyone who is interested in the power of influence or word of mouth. it's all relative.

the platform will be available to everyone very soon. they said this in their blog post:

"Over the summer, we began testing Questions with a small group of people, and today we are beginning to roll it out to everyone. We noticed that people were frequently asking for opinions ("what are your favorite restaurants in New York?") or hoping to learn about their friends ("what was your favorite movie as a kid, something you watched over and over?"). For most of these questions, experts weren't going to be the best source for advice. The answers to these questions are meaningful or interesting because you know your friends and your friends know you."

a wise move.

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