Facebook: The Weekly Update | 3rd July 2012

::PAGES to connect with people:: 

Update to Pages design on Mobile After 10th July, Facebook will update Pages on mobile to more accurately reflect the look and feel of Timeline design on desktop. This update includes incorporating Page cover photos, about information, pinned posts, and page stats into the mobile experience. For most Pages, there is no action needed since the cover photo and profile photo will be resized accordingly. 

However, if your profile photo positioned to be an extension of your cover photo, the positioning of the profile photo will shift slightly due to the many variances in display sizes across all mobile devices. If this applies to your Page, Facebook recommend decoupling your profile photo from your cover photo before this 10th July.

Page Posts without Organic Distribution now live in Power Editor and API
Facebook are launching a new feature in Power Editor and the API that will enable you to create and promote posts that don't appear on your Page.

You can use this functionality to test different versions of the same Page post so you can put media budget behind the best performing one, without spamming your wall.

Users will be still be able to like or comment on these posts if they appear as ads or sponsored stories, and those derivative stories may appear in the newsfeed. All types of Page posts can be created without organic distribution except for Questions, Events, and Offers posts.

Posting to your Page and promoting your posts are still the best ways to connect and engage with users. If you create and promote a post that doesn't appear on your Page, it won't get any newsfeed distribution. People will only see this content when it appears as ads and sponsored stories from Page posts, or if one of their friends engages with the post in an ad or sponsored story. You can learn more about creating and promoting posts in Power Editor, here.

Page Name Policy
As many of you know, the page name policy has always been the following: Page names must use proper, grammatically correct capitalization and may not include all capitals, except for acronyms. Brands can now accurately reflect their presence on Facebook the way they do in all other media. Facebook will now accept different styles of capitalization if: 

A. The Page Admin can provide documentation of their branding guidelines, and 
B. There is consistent use of the name on their website 

Vanity URL Changes Page 
Admins are now able to change their own vanity URLs (one-time only). To do this go to 

Edit Page > Update Info > Basic Information > Change Username

Changes to Insights on 3rd July 
Facebook are making a couple of changes on how they report Insights. These are not changes to how stories are distributed in news feed, but may affect what people see in Insights. 

First, they will now be including mobile reach data in Insights. Reach metrics will now include a combined metric that includes both desktop and mobile. They know how important mobile is so they want Page admins to understand their total reach regardless of platform. 

Second, to improve the efficiency of news feed, they're going to begin loading fewer organic stories at a time – they will quickly load new stories so there is no interruption in how people scroll through news feed. For the purposes of Insights, Facebook will count stories when they load. This may change reach in Insights, but should not change how many people see these stories. 

Their goal is to "help Page admins understand how many people see their posts whether they see it on desktop or mobile."  

Voice Bar 
To improve the admin experience and clear confusion between the personal and admin accounts, last week Facebook launched the voice bar, which allows admins to clearly see whether they are posting, commenting, and liking from their personal account or as the Page. It looks like this:

::ADS AND SPONSORED STORIES to reach people and their friends:: 

Facebook now offer 9 global Ad Targeting Clusters for Mobile Marketers. Mobile Marketers using these Mobile Targeting Clusters have seen on average 30-45% lower cost per gross ads (CPGA) compared to standard demographic targeting. You can see this overview here. 

Marketplace Ads and Sponsored Stories now served on Zynga.com 

Beginning this week, Facebook marketplace ads and sponsored stories may be served in the ticker alongside games on Zynga.com. Zynga's games are naturally social and the experience on Zynga.com is very similar to that of Zynga games within Facebook. 

People also connect with Facebook in order to use Zynga.com, so we think this is a natural place to deliver personalized and social advertising. Showing ads on Zynga.com increases advertisers' reach among highly engaged Facebook users, with all the valuable targeting and privacy options as Facebook.com. 

Facebook will serve these ads, exactly as they are on Facebook.com. This means that Facebook is in control of the ad targeting and delivery, and no data about the user or advertiser is passed to Zynga.com. Advertisers can't elect not to show their ads on Zynga.com. Ads on Zynga.com will be subject to the same auction system as the rest of our marketplace inventory. 

For more information, please see here and here.  

Coastal.com: Online eyewear company sees 3X normal conversion rate on its first-pair-free deal after using Offers and supporting it with ads and sponsored stories. 

::TECHNOLOGY to drive business growth:: 
 There are no Technology updates this week

new targeting options for facebook pages

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