get to know facebook users with socialbakers’ market insights

Every marketer on Facebook is trying to figure out just who makes up their fan base — men, women, uni grads, wine lovers, speakers of Swahili, etc.

Socialbakers has developed a program — Market Insights — that helps brands or anyone else who runs Facebook pages gain a better understanding of who is on the social network, based on their country, interests, activities, family status, gender, age, and many more categories. With Market Insights, Facebook page administrators can discover more information about users, based on what market they’re from — Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Administrators can then break it down by age, gender, interest, activities, ethnicity, whether or not they’re avid mobile users, if they have children or not, and a smorgasbord of options.

 For instance, you can see the breakdown of Facebook users in the U.S. and Great Britain who enjoy American football:

Through the program, users can also track the return on investment of their Facebook campaigns. Market Insights launched last week, but it has already become quite popular. 

Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab said:
"I can take this and see who has gardening interests, or who has social gaming or console gaming as an interest, and what are the demographics of that specific group … They can understand their users much better so that hey can target better content to them. So when you understand that your users like cooking, you’re going to target more updates around that, or if they like dogs better than cats, you’re going to do dog updates. In social media, to drive ROI, you have to drive engagement. If you’re not going to drive engagement, you’re not going to drive ROI."

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