I'm currently Communications Partner at YunoJuno, a really interesting and exciting business changing how the creative and tech industry work with freelancers. There, I Iead marketing to product communications and develop the core brand. Check us out here!



I'm passionate about brands. The meaning behind a brand genuinely excites me and I've played in a consumer brand space for the last decade. From the very start of my agency career I wanted to be a planner and have dipped my toe more than once. Now it's part of my professional make up, constantly trying to understand brands and having learnt from hands on experience of defining a whole host of brands, from tech startups to legendary consumer brands. I believe that everything flows from this foundation.



Marketing doesn't sit still for 5 mins. I've been lucky enough to work with some of the best creative agencies in town and whilst having lead multimillion pound global marketing campaigns I've also had the luxury of working on smaller more effective work that have utilised the opportunity of social and digital. In fact, I was born into advertising in the age of the internet and seeing it evolve from where it was then to where it is now has meant that I've been lucky enough to constantly be in a state of marketing innovation.



In my current role, the biggest transition (marketing agency to startup) has been moving from the mindset of moment-in-time campaigns, to one which is constantly being built and bettered. Nothing is wasted. This growth mentality has been so valuable in building my knowledge of product comms. From acquisition automation to deep CRM for todays product savvy business and user. I fully understand that today's product-based businesses have far more complicated and competitive markets to play in. One where brand strategy has even more importance.